How to Draw Men, Cartoon Men

Artist: MauAcheron / June 24, 2012

Step 1.

Firstly, here a little example, that what's the different in a simple man drawing (I don't say, that realistic, as my own style don't realistic too)and the cartoon man. When you draw a cartoon figure, you always draw this with more simple lines, you    

Step 2.

Now, here a bigger focus on his head, now you can see, how do you can draw more simple cartoon man.

Step 3.

And now, here the body shapes! Because not only the characters movements, and words, what are show the figure's personality. His body too! I'm sure, that you can see some stereotype personality because of their body. For example the first guy? He mus   

Step 4.

And now here the faces too. As on the bodies, you can see here their personalities well, that's why important their face shapes too. You can see here bad guy (7) good guy (2) evil guy (4) dangerous guy (5) casanova guy (3), etc. Now just your turn, w   

Step 5.

Yeah, it's a little funny part, but it's important too, that what kind of moustache and/or beard, what your character have. It's just about the character's personality, that he is rather extreme (10), or just a handsome man with a little beard (2, 4)   

Step 6.

Here a little help, if you want to draw a men in perspective, now you can see, how their head's anatomy in the ground.

Step 7.

These not all of them, just few tip and example, what you can choose. As many cartoon, as many cartoon style are too. Your choice, wich one, what would you like to draw!

Step 8.

And for the last extra, here some really manly pose for your drawing. I think these really typical man poses.

Step 9.

Aaaand, we are here in the "How to Draw cartoon men" part! Firstly, draw the base lines of the men.

Step 10.

Now draw the base form of his head!

Step 11.

Draw the ears line, and the main nose line too!

Step 12.

In this step, draw the eyes!

Step 13.

And now, the next part is the eyesbrows!

Step 14.

Now, draw the inner part of his ears, and the main line of his mouth.

Step 15.

And now, draw his nexk, and his front of hairline too!

Step 16.

Draw the little details on his head, this is the finishing step of this part!

Step 17.

As the next step, draw the base form of his upper body part with the arms. It will be a really manly pose with this muscle arm!

Step 18.

Draw the little lines, what are separate the arms, the main body, and the clock on his hand from eachother!

Step 19.

Draw the little details, what are the lines of his muscles, and his fingers, and the clock's top too!

Step 20.

And now the last bigger part is his legs! Draw their base form!

Step 21.

Draw the separate lines of his legs, and shoes, and his belt!

Step 22.

And as the last step, draw the details, extra lines on his trousers, and his shoes, and on his belt too.

Step 23.

And this is the end of the "How to Draw cartoon men" tutorial! I really enjoy to drawing this tutorial with you, guys, and I hope, you like it too. Now, the only thing, what you need, to go, and color your own cartoon men! Good work, guys!

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Artist: MauAcheron
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Description: Do you know how to draw men? And what's about men in cartoon style? Now, here some tip and trick about them, just here, just for you! I hope, I can help with my tutorial for you in the cartoon men drawing!