How to Draw Biggie Smalls, Notorious B I G, Biggie

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You will need to draw a large shape for his big head, then sketch out the facial guidelines as well as the body lines for the shoulders and torso.


Define the shape of Biggie's head or face like so. As you know he was a big guy standing six feet three inches tall. With the face shape you will sketch out the thin hairline as well.


Here is where you will sketch out his eyebrows, as well as his eyes. Biggie's eyes are small and slanted which is probably due to the size of his face and head. Draw the crinkles between the eyes, and wrinkles under the eyes.


Carefully take the time to sketch out the wide shape of the nose as well as his nostrils. You will then get his thick lips sketched out which are open slightly because he is smoking on a Black and Mild which is a brand of cigarette. Draw in the chin    


Draw out the rest of Biggie's hair which is short and close to the scalp. Sketch in the right or left ear as well as detail it too.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw in the thick fur coat he is wearing in this picture followed by the thick chain around his neck. Biggie loved his jewelry so make sure to represent. Add detailing to his fur coat, then erase the mi   


Here is Biggie Smalls when you are all done. Color in the sketch or leave it as is.

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April 15, 2013

Description: "Biggie Biggie Biggie can't you see sometimes your words just hypnotize me, and I just love your flashy ways, guess that's why they broke, and you're so paid". Those are some of the lyrics to one of my favorite songs from Biggie Smalls. His real name is Christopher George Latore Wallace. Biggie was born and Raised in the gutter part of Brooklyn. Biggie's heritage is Jamaican, and both his father and mother did what they could to raise him to the best of their ability although when he was two years old his father left the home which lead his mother to raise the children by herself. His mother Voletta had to get two jobs just to support the household. Even though Biggie was brought up in the rough parts of New York, he still managed to excel in school especially in English; he even won a few awards for being one of the best English students. His rapping career began when he was a teenager on the streets of New York. His rapping style was said to be fluent, real, and touched home to folks that felt as he did. Juicy was another all time favorite of mine and even though Biggie is no longer with us making awesome music, I can still listen to those lyrics and reminisce on the days when he was still alive. I know I refer to him as Biggie, but he also went by other names too like Notorious B.I.G., Biggie, Big, Big Poppa, and Frank White. Christopher Wallace died in 1997 when he was only twenty four years old. This tutorial is one of my favorites because of the detailed work with the coloring. Here is an awesome sketch of Biggie I found while looking for reference pictures. I think the artist did a fantastic job. Have fun drawing one of rap's icons, Biggie Smalls.

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