How to Draw a Locust, Gears of War


Alright, let's start off with some basic guide lines. Use a large circle for the chest. Then draw a simple head and pelvis, with simple lines for arms and legs. Lay down the basic shape of the hands and feet, and mark the kneecaps.


Here we're going to outline the shape of the head and face. For this particular Locust, the face is going to almost lion-like, so keep that in mind when drawing the nose and cheekbones.


Next we'll fill in the details of the face. The name of the game is "Wrinkles." The most important lines are the wrinkles on the nose and below the cheekbones. His mouth opens wide to show off the side rows of his teeth.


To draw the buckle for his chest armor, we'll start by drawing three concentric circles. On top of this we'll draw three triangular shapes -- two of which are attached by a thin strap. Once you're done, you can erase lines of the circles that overlap   


Now for the straps... Try to imagine wrapping a ribbon around a ball. That's basically what we're doing here, except the armor bands are a bit thicker and rounded.


With the armor drawn, we can fill in the lines of the chest and neck. If you have trouble figuring out where to put the muscles, just draw through your existing lines. It's worth the extra trouble, and you can always erase the overlap later.


Here we'll draw the overlapping panels of arm armor and the belt. There are square pouches on the sides of the belt, and a beak-shaped crotch plate coming down from the center.


With all the upper body armor outlined, we can go ahead and draw the arms underneath. Again, if you have trouble figuring out the main shapes, just draw through your previous lines and erase the excess later. His left hand will be holding the handle    


Begin this step by drawing the knee armor. Think of the plates on a lobster's tail and you'll know what to do here. After that, outline the lumpy shape of the thigh armor.


Draw the back of the thigh and then move into the details of the boot. The armor splays out at the bottom to provide room for the ankle to move.


Next draw the main lines of the feet. The front section is round and thick, almost like a stacked cake. Outline the shape of the heel, and then begin the grenade in his hand.


This is a fun step. The Locust's head, neck and shoulders are covered with rock-like scales. Start at the top and work your way down. As you approach the face and chest areas, break up the shapes and draw smaller and smaller scales to fade them out i   


Now it's time to start detailing this guy's armor. Break the chest straps up into sections like a centipede. Draw rounded panels inside the arm plates. Then draw in the weaving lines of the thigh armor.


Ok, there's a lot going on here, but each section is pretty simple. Some of the details are optional, depending on how long you want to keep drawing. Take one section at a time. Detail the second thigh. Then move to the boot, using lines parallel to    


Make sure you draw the straps that connect the armor panels to the arms (I nearly forgot them). All that remains after that is small detail. Draw buckles on the straps of the arm plates and on the side of the boots. Add thin straps crossing over the    


And there you have it. Here's the final line art. Next we'll take a look at some head gear for the Locust Grenadier.


For the Flamethrower unit's helmet, start off by drawing simple guide lines for the head. You won't see the head or face at all, but you should at least start with a basic idea of the shape of the head. For the actual line art, start by drawing the l   


Next draw the rectangular visor and mouth shapes. There are two bars crossing the mouth vertically. Draw a diamond above the visor to house the Locust emblem. Go ahead and lay in panel lines to break up the major shapes. There are various layers to e   


The main details here are the shape of the actual visor itself, and the metal grate over the mouth. We'll color the line art of the grate later. From there, you can go nuts adding panel lines to show the rounded shape of the helmet, as well as gouges   


For the second helmet, start again with simple head guidelines. This time we'll be seeing the lower part of his face. Draw a vertical oval in the center of the face for the "eye" light. Surround that with armor plates, and outline the chin and jaw.


Start adding panels on the sides and top of the head. There are round shapes on the sides, almost like headphones. Mimmick these outlines on the inside of each shape for the panel lines.


Continue mimmicking the outlines to add more depth to the panel lines. Draw rivets around the main face plate, and some larger ones on the sides of the head. Add four holes at the top point of the helmet. Draw a series of three verticle ovals on eith   


The colored artwork. I guess that wraps up this tutorial. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to tackling more characters from the Gears of War series, so be sure to keep an eye out for them. In the meantime, be sure to post your drawings   

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July 8, 2011

Description: Hey guys, this tutorial will cover how to draw the Locust Grenadier from Gears of War 2, along with some alternate Locust head gear.

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