How to Draw Christmas Grumpy Cat

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Make two round shapes for the head and body then sketch in some facial guidelines.


Using the head guide, begin drawing out the actual face structure for Grumpy Cat and then sketch in the hair that is sticking out from the base of the ears.


Use the facial guidelines to draw in the large eyes expressed with an angry or grumpy expression. Sketch in the brow wrinkles and jowls, then add the nose, whiskers and mouth.


Here we will draw in the Santa hat. Make sure the band is thick and crinkled. Add the cotton ball at the end of the hat too.


Almost done people. You will draw the back arch and the cat's tail. When that is done draw the thigh and foot.


Draw the front legs and paws and then draw the mistletoe hanging from the collar. Erase the mistakes if you made any and the guidelines.


Here is the line art folks. Just color in Grumpy Cat in his Christmas form.

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December 12, 2017

Description: I don't know how many people are still in love with Grumpy Cat, but if you are here is a lesson that I do believe some will really enjoy. We will have some fun as we begin to draw Christmas Grumpy Cat, step by step. I actually got the idea when I was looking for tutorial idea's that where Christmas themed, and I came across Grumpy Cat wearing a Santa hat sitting in a sled and I thought it was so cute. So obviously I had to go ahead and make a lesson on this adorable cat. I made sure to use a pose that will be easy for other to replicate when tackling this lesson. I added some snowflakes in the coloring process for a more cheerful addition since he is always so darn grumpy. Anyways, have fun folks and let me know if you liked this lesson.

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