How to Draw Cat Paws


This is just a picture of how the front paw of a cat looks from both the inner and outer perspective. The inner perspective has the dew claw visible while the outer perspective doesn't.


In this step we look at the differences between the paw in the front of the cat and the paw in the back of a cat. Notice that the back paw has more of an angled appearance and arch.


Now we will look at the paw pads of a cats paw. There are four toe pads and one cushion pad. The top part of the paw looks like a four toed feline.


Now we will proceed with the drawing steps. Start with two guide shapes for the paws and then draw the limb guidelines.


Next, we will draw the paws starting at the top of the foot and loop around for the front paw. For the back paw define the front shape of the hind leg and then draw in the arch for the paw.


Complete the paws by drawing the rest of the legs and then draw in the back paw and toes.


Lastly, add some light shading to the limbs and paws like so to give some depth to the whole concept. Erase the mistakes you might have made along with the guides.


That's it, you are all done. Now you can color in your drawing and show folks how you now know how to draw cat paws.

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June 27, 2015

Description: I have been getting so many requests lately for animals paws and I'm not talking about animal prints. People want lessons on two animal feet and that is a cat and wolf. So today I will first show you all how to draw cat paws, step by step. A cat is very sleek, slender and light on their feet. Their paws have to be perfectly symmetrical so they can carry on in their agile manner. This lesson gives you tips and pictures of how a cat paw should look and be drawn. I put a lot of work into this tutorial so I hope people actually learn from it instead of just looking at it. Drawing cats is always fun for me to do so I did enjoy making these cat paws for all of you. If there are other animals that you would like to see specific lessons for, please don't hesitate to ask or drop a request. I have to jet out right now but I will be back in a jiffy with other cool, fun tuts for everyone to enjoy. Adios mi amigos.

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