How to Draw Chibi Wolf Jacob

Artist: Dawn / April 16, 2010

Step 1.

First draw a circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the shape for the chibi wolf Jacob's body, and then add the leg, and tail shapes.

Step 2.

Next, sketch snout or muzzle, and then the jaw line. Notice that the mouth is in a growling form, so you will need to sketch it to look like this. Next and lastly, draw the angry lined eyebrows.

Step 3.

Start sketching out the shape of his fury looking cute head, and be sure not to forget the ears. Once that is done you can draw out the eyes, color in the pupils, and then draw the wrinkle in between the brows, and add some wrinkles on on the bridge    

Step 4.

Sketch out the inner ear detailing, and then finish drawing out the front legs, paws, and chest. You will finish off chibi wolf Jacob, by drawing in the nose and teeth line.

Step 5.

For your last drawing step just finish the belly, and back legs. Once that is done you can sketch in the toes, clawed nails, and then sketch out the tail. The fur should be a bit long. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 6.

This is how he looks when he is done. Color in this feisty wolf, and you are all set. I hope you enjoyed this lesson on "how to draw chibi wolf Jacob". It was great fun!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 16, 2010
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Description: You wanted him, and now you have him. Ever since I uploaded the tutorial I did on chibi Jacob, I've been getting flooded with requests to do a lesson on β€œhow to draw chibi wolf Jacob, step by step. At first I was like, β€œchibi wolf Jacob?”. But then after a day or two, it started sounding like an awesome concept to draw. This lesson is going to be so easy because I drew wolf Jacob to be easy for anyone to follow. The shapes are pretty basic, and the steps are simple to go by. June 30th can't come fast enough because that is when Eclipse is set to be in theaters. Eclipse is the third installment to the Twilight series, and this time we are going to see equal parts of Jacob and Edward. I have a feeling that the third part to the saga might be a little better then I expected. What I'm really waiting for though is Breaking Dawn. After that, who knows. Anyway, I know you guys will enjoy this tutorial on β€œhow to draw chibi wolf Jacob” because he came out so cute. I will return again, with more drawing fun. Adios amigos!