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How to Draw Chibi Yoda

Artist: Dawn / April 24, 2010
How to Draw Chibi Yoda

Step 1.

Even though there is more steps than chibi Superman, chibi Yoda is going to be a whole lot easier. Start by drawing or sketching an egg shape. Next add the face lines, and then draw out the lining for his big pointed ears. Lastly, draw out the cup sh   

Step 2.

Begin drawing the shape of his face like you see here, and then incorporate that same lining to form the bottom part of his ears.

Step 3.

Sketch out the top of chibi Yoda's head, and then finish drawing out his ears. Next sketch in some spurts of hair on the creases of his head near the ears, and then begin drawing out his old shaped eyes. Add a dash for a nose.

Step 4.

Draw the detailing inside of the ears, and then wrinkle up the forehead. Once that is done draw the brow for on top pf the eye frame, and then color in his eyeballs or pupils. Draw the lining for the sour puckered mouth, and then draw out the shape o   

Step 5.

Let's finish this lesson shall we? Draw a "V" neck, and then cap off the bottom of his robe. Add a detailing line in the middle at the bottom, and then draw out his hand, and cane. Don't forget to add the feet.

Step 6.

Once you've erased the lines and shapes you drew in step one, your drawing should look clean like the one you see here. Color in chibi Yoda, and your all set.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 24, 2010
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Description: I love Star Wars just as much as the other guy, and to prove it, I wanted to do a lesson that is a little different when it comes to sketching out these complex characters that everyone loves, but can't draw. Today I want to show you "how to draw chibi Yoda", step by step. He is one of the top ten characters of the Star Wars saga, and he will always be forever known. There are people that quote his sayings, and even go by what he believes in. Okay, maybe believing in the same ideals as Yoda is a bit overboard, but that is why there is die hard fans that Lucas created just by being brilliant. I had a Livestream viewer say “I never heard of Yoda with no wrinkles!”. If some of you don't know, chibi form is totally ageless, that's the whole point. Regular forms of people being transformed into their chibi selves. You can add some definition lines just to convey what the character is known as having. In this case Yoda has tons of wrinkles because he is extremely old. Although the chibi Yoda has minimal wrinkles, I still added a few lines here and there on his forehead. Well I guess that's it. I will let you get to work so you can create your own Star Wars figure by showing you how to draw Chibi Yoda". Peace out my peeps and happy drawing!