How to Draw Chibi Santa

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Are you ready for some creative fun? Good, lets get started then. Start by making a round circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. When that is done you can draw out the shape of his chubby chibi style body.


In this step you will first draw out the lid for Santa's hat, and then draw out his white curly beard like so. As you can see the beard covers almost his whole rosy red face.


Finish drawing out his hat, and then add that small cotton ball on the tip. When that is done, draw in the closed but bright looking eyes, and then draw in his chibi mouth. Next, draw the arms and one hand that is in mitten form, and then sketch out    


Wow, look how awesome your drawing is coming out. All you have to do now to finish off this bundle of joy, is draw out the bushy eyebrows, finish his excited mouth, and then draw in the belt, fabric design on his coat, and then draw in his shoes or b   


This is the awesome drawing on your very own chibi Santa. Now you can have more of a blast just by coloring him in. I do hope you had an awesome time everyone!

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November 2, 2010

Description: “Who’s got a beard that’s long and white? Santa’s got a beard that’s long and white. Who comes around on a special night? Santa comes around on a special night. Special night, beard that’s white. Must be Santa, must be Santa, must be Santa, Santa Clause.” How many of you guys know or remember that song? That is one of my favorite songs, and to prove it, I'm submitting a lesson on "how to draw chibi Santa", step by step. There is no better way to draw Santa Clause than in chibi form. That is why I think you guys will have a blast when it comes to sketching out one of the most popular men in the world, even if he is just a figment of our imaginations. Anyways, there is no wrong way to draw Santa while he is in his adorable chibi form. This is going to be one fun, and colorful lesson that I’m sure many of you avid artists out there will have a "jolly old time" with. There really isn’t more to say because I have said everything there is when it comes to old Saint Nick. Have fun with this tutorial on "how to draw chibi Santa", and I will be back in a jiffy with more awesome fun. Peace out people, and Merry early Christmas.

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