How to Draw Chibi Simba, Simba

Artist: MauAcheron / August 21, 2011

Step 1.

As a first step, you can see here, Simba's normal form, and the differentes in the Normal and Chibi Simba form. I tried to keep his important characters from his anatomy and style.

Step 2.

Let's start the chibi drawing guys! Firstly, draw the base lines and forms of Simba. It will be a big help later, when you draw the final details.

Step 3.

Start the final form's drawing from up to down. So, draw the base form of his head with his ears too!

Step 4.

After this, draw the next important part, the base forms of eyes, and the eyebrows too!

Step 5.

The next step about the iris and the nose base form drawing.

Step 6.

The next is the pupils, the other parts of nose, and his mouth, of course. I always like his smile, and i hope, you like it too!

Step 7.

The next part is the eyes-splashes, the ears lines, the lights of his eyes, and his chin. These are important parts, because these thing are give his character!

Step 8.

Fur-fur time! This is the finish step of the Simba head-drawing, you only need to draw some fur-lines, and his cat-moustache.

Step 9.

Okay, let's start his body, guys! Firstly, you need to draw his body's base form for the begin. :)

Step 10.

Nice, now, draw the base forms of his legs, and the lines, what separate his body's part from eachother.

Step 11.

The next step is to draw his "fingers" of his paws.

Step 12.

Here we are in the last step of the chibi Simba-drawing. You need to draw just the bottom of paws, that i think, one of the most cute parts of an animal picture :D

Step 13.

Aaaand, here your own chibi Simba figure! I hope you like this tutorial and drawing, guys, I'm really love this little chibi drawing with you. The only thing what you need to do now, that you go, and color this cute Simba as you want. ;) Good work,   

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Artist: MauAcheron
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Description: Hello everybody! This is my first tutorial here, so, I hope you will like my "How to Draw chibi Simba", i tried to do my best. :) Good work, guys!