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How to Draw Clark the Lion

Artist: lion2k6 / February 24, 2012
How to Draw Clark the Lion

Step 1.

When you create clark you can use paint or draw it. First you put his head shape guide lines. Add his collar and neck guides. If you want to it is optional to add the chin guide as well.

Step 2.

You then add the head, collar, and neck shapes

Step 3.

You now add the oval shaped eyes, triangular nose, Justin Bieber hair(NOT), and his fanged mouth. You also draw his collar hole.

Step 4.

Color clark( it would be easier to use paint). Then you have your own Clark drawing. This was my first tutorial so don't get angry

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Artist: lion2k6
Date Added: February 24, 2012
Steps: 4
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Tags: how to draw lions, draw characters
Description: How to draw my latest character Clark