How to Draw a Chibi Druid


In my second tutorial is about the night elf feral druids. As my first tutorial, you can see in the first picture how i draw a normal feral druids to a chibi form. :)


Okay, let's go, draw our little chibi feral figure! Firstly, you need to draw the base forms and lines, the "bones" of the feral's body.


Big head with big ears! Draw the base lines of the first part: the head and the ears.


Fur-fur time! Draw the little fur-lines for the feral's head.


Next step is the base form of the big eyes and the nose.


Okay, now the mouth with a cat smile, and the long eyebrows, what is really own character part of a night elf.


Draw the splash of eyes, and the teeth too! Rawww... scary. Or not?


Splash lines of the head, and the feral's pupil and iris. Generally you don't see the normal night elf feral druids eyes, but in my opinion the chibi feral druids more cute with pupil and iris. :)


Okay, here we are! The next big part of a chibi drawing is the body. I don't draw too small the feral druid's body, but I draw big paws for his/her. Draw the legs, tail and body's base form for the begin.


Now, draw the lines, what are separate the body parts and legs from eachother.


Now, the next step is the feral druid's "clothes". So, Draw the base form of the collar and bracelets.


Last step of the chibi feral druids drawing is the details of the collar, and the bracelets's and she/he's got a little fantasy-splash form to his/her shoulder.


And this is the end of the How to Draw chibi night elf feral druid! I really enjoy to drawing this tutorial with you, guys, and I hope, you like it too. Now, the only thing, what you need, to go, and color your own chibi feral figure! Good work, guy   

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August 22, 2011

Description: Ahoy guys! Here my second chibi tutorial here about How to Draw chibi night elf feral druid. If you love the World of Warcraft, or the big cats, or the WoW big cats, or all of them, you will like this tutorial! :)

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