How to Draw a Lion Roaring, Roaring Lion

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Like with all first step you need to make some basic guidelines to aid you in your drawing quest. As you see here all you have to do is draw a circle, and then sketch in the face guides.


Simply draw out the shape of the lion's nose and don't forget to include the details as well as the nostrils.


Slowly begin sketching out the lion's muzzle and notice how the skin wrinkles up on the snout. This is common for any roaring animal such as tigers, dogs, cats, wolves, etc. Once the wrinkles and creases are all sketched in, proceed to step two.


Before moving onto the teeth, you will need to sketch in the whiskers like all cats, and big cats have. Once that is done you can draw in the fangs and front row of teeth. Try to make sure that the teeth align somewhat but not perfectly.


For step five we will be working on getting the mouth and or jaw drawn in. Start right beneath the left lip and begin sketching down, around, and back up again to the other lip. Notice there is slight curves along the way, but just keep looking at th   


Now you will need to work on getting the outline of the lion's head and jaw drawn in. The sides of the face are hairy because as you know lions are full of fluff. Be sure to sketch in the chin fuzz like so, and proceed onto the next drawing step.


To make things easy for all you beginning artists, I went ahead and just took out the task of actually drawing the ends of the mane. Instead the frame for the lion is going to be in the form or the mane running off the page. Sketch in the ears, as we   


You are all done with drawing a lion roaring which means you can begin coloring in your work. Have an awesome day and don't forget to submit your finished artwork if you can.

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December 22, 2011

Description: Yesterday I was drawing another animal during my Livestream session and I have to say, I had so much fun. Everyone was great and I really love hanging out and talking to you all whenever I draw Live. Today I will be submitting the lion that I drew for you all yesterday. Here is "how to draw a lion roaring", step by step. The drawing took me a little over an hour, but that’s because I was pausing a lot trying to fix my keyboard and mouse. I am really pleased with how my version of this type of lion came out, and I think it will be a good challenging lesson for all you artists that like tackling challenging stuff. The intense stare and ferocious display of teeth really gives the expression that this lion means business. If you are a novice artist and want to tackle this tutorial, go right ahead. I must warn you though; you may come across some difficulty due to the fact that there is a lot of detailing and definition going on. I feel confident that if you take your time and proceed with patience and care you will bang out drawing a lion roaring of your own. One of my favorite animals to draw is the lion, so making this one was super fun. Enjoy guys and remember to leave a comment, rating, or fav if you like or dislike what you see. I shall return because there is one more lesson going up for the day. Peace out people and good luck!

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