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How to Draw Chibi Rock lee

Artist: Piecu / August 22, 2010
How to Draw Chibi Rock lee

Step 1.

Rock lee is my favourite (not Akatsuki's) Naruto characters ;) And his fight with Kimimaro was really awesome (ha, ha :D Drunken Master). At the beginning draw an oval for his head and guidelines of the body. Then draw facial guidelines (they wi   

Step 2.

Draw the eyes... they are really simple - two circles with smaller ones inside. If you're done, 'give' him the mouth and sketch a line for the fringe.

Step 3.

It's time to draw some hair now. The hair is just a little bit higher than the circle drawn at the beginning. Than draw his really, really, ... really thin eye brows ;P They are partly obscured by the fringe. Now, draw an outline of his face.

Step 4.

Draw an outline of Rock's body, legs and his right forearm. Body looks like a pistol bullet (or something like slightly extended semi-oval if you want). I hope it wouldn't be problem for you :)

Step 5.

OK, so therefore we're somewhere in the middle of this tutorial :) it's time to finish his legs and feet. Add his (I don't know how to call them) greave(?) leg protectors (?)... Then finish his feet and draw his left arm.

Step 6.

Let's add some more details. Draw Rock's hands and the belt. Then draw a collar

Step 7.

Draw bandages covering his forearms, and add some lines on his greave. Add a badge on the belt.

Step 8.

Finish the belt - draw a village sign and a few rivets. Then draw a fillet on the right thigh.

Step 9.

Erase all guidelines and other useless lines. And it's finished :) I hope U enjoyed my tutorial. Have a god time ;)

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