How to Draw Chibi Sasori with Hiruko Puppet

Artist: Piecu / July 16, 2010

Step 1.

Start by drawing an ellipse for Sasori's head, and body guidelines. Make two horizontal lines - longer for eyes and shorter for mouth.

Step 2.

Try to draw Sasori's coat... Collar should cover only his chin

Step 3.

Draw the hands and legs... Right hand is almost hidden behind the coat. Left hand is exposed, so U can see the thumb.

Step 4.

The hair... Sasori's hairstyle is harder to draw than Kisame's but I think U can handle it easily :)

Step 5.

so, it's time to draw his face. Start with the eyes. Their shape is the circle with top cut off. Mouth is really simple to draw. Remember that Sasori was always smiling such as Mona Lisa ;)

Step 6.

U can finish the coat now. It's similar to another Akatsuki's members chibis that I've drawn.

Step 7.

Draw an outline of Hiruko puppet and all fixtures and strings it hangs on.

Step 8.

Finish the puppet. Draw the shape of head, eyes (2 crosses) and all ather details. Then draw Hiruko's tail. It consists of several cells, and something like a spear tip.

Step 9.

When U erase all unnecessary lines it's done :) And this is the end of that tutorial. I hope u enjoyed it :)

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