How to Draw Chibi Konan


Let's start by drawing an oval for the head and other guidelines of the body. Also sketch facial guidelines.


Draw an outline of her coat, omitting the details. Remember, that collar covers only her chin.


Draw guidelines of Konan's hair and a circle for a guideline of the flower. Than finish an outline of the coat and sleeves.


She can't be bald, so it's time to draw her hair ;)


She also can't be blind, so let's draw her eyes. Give her the mouth and draw the hands.


And now, the harder part... Draw the flower in her hair. than finish the shape of her face and draw the right ear.


Draw a curved line in the top of her head for the bun and a little circle for the ring in her lower lip. Add some details to the coat - wide stripe along the whole length of the coat and some lines on the folds of the material.


Add symbol of Akatsuki (the cloud), and draw her legs and feet.


When you all guidelines and any other unnecessary lines, the work is done :) Add some shading and paint your picture... And that would be all for today ;) Have fun and peace to you folks...

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February 6, 2011

Description: And there's another Akatsuki's member... Paper is an amazing material. It can be used in 1000 and 1 different ways but there are still some more things to do with it ;)

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