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How to Draw Chibi Tobi

Artist: Dawn / December 3, 2010
How to Draw Chibi Tobi

Step 1.

Start by making a large circle for the head, and then add the guidelines for the face, and body until you have a drawing like the one you see here.

Step 2.

What you will do now is draw out the shape of Tobi's chibi style face, and then draw out the spiked parts of his hair style like so. When that is done you can move to step three.

Step 3.

Before you draw out the swirl lines in the face, you will need to color in a round dot in the middle. Next, starting from the center, draw a single line until you have created a swirl. Once the face is done, sketch out or draw the cloak in chibi styl   

Step 4.

For the last drawing step, all you need to do is draw out the legs which can either be skinny, or thick. Once the legs are done, you can draw out the other arm, and then his hands and feet. Draw the Akatsuki clouds on the cloak, and then add some det   

Step 5.

Here is what the finished drawing looks like when you are all done. Now you can color him in and make him whole. I hoped you liked this lesson on how to draw chibi Tobi.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 3, 2010
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Tags: how to draw chibi naruto characters
Description: Well, a few days ago someone asked me if I could do a lesson on "how to draw chibi Tobi", step by step. I haven’t submitted any lessons recently on anything Naruto, so when a member asked me to do a chibi version of a character I already had, I jumped on the chance. Tobi is one of my favorite figures from the Naruto series and I think many of you guys will agree with me. This chibi version of Tobi came out perfect and I want to thank some of the artists that have been submitting chibi characters because they are a really big part of art in today’s culture. Anyways you will have a blast learning "how to draw chibi Tobi", step by step because he is going to be a real easy version to sketch. The steps are simple to follow and the instructions are also easy to read. If you think about it making chibis is one of the easiest figures to create, and modify. Well, I guess I have to go for now because there are still more for me to upload before I go live today. Have fun with this tutorial, and be sure to rate, comment, and submit your artwork when you are all done.