How to Draw Chibi Kiba

Artist: Dawn / June 24, 2010

Step 1.

First draw a large circle for Kiba's head, and then add some facial guidelines. You will then draw out the framed lining for his body, and then move to step two.

Step 2.

Before you start drawing out his hairstyle, you will need to sketch out the shape of chibi Kiba's face structure like you see here. Notice how the lining is sort of square? Well, that's how you need to do it as well. Once that is complete, you can th   

Step 3.

Draw the bar on his head protector, and then the symbol of his village. Next, draw the bold, thick lining for his eyelids, and then add the markings on his cheeks, and draw out his mouth. Notice how I included some teeth.

Step 4.

Wow, look how far you have already gotten. What you need to do next is draw out Kiba's eyebrows, and then the rest of his eyes. Since I drew this chibi version of Kiba to be intense looking, the eye pupils look slitted. When his face and ears are all   

Step 5.

For your last drawing step, all you need to do is draw the opening for his jacket, add some crisscross lining for his undershirt, and then draw in a zipper, some pockets, and a his legs and feet. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one to cle   

Step 6.

Now that you are all done, you should have a completed drawing of chibi Kiba like you see here. The fun doesn't stop though because you still have to color him in.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 24, 2010
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Description: Hey guys, I know it's been a whole day since I submitted something, but I was just so busy yesterday that all I could do was draw new tuts and go live. Today though, I do have some awesome lessons coming your way. I will start by submitting this first tutorial that will teach you "how to draw chibi Kiba", step by step. I was going to draw the regular version of Kiba just to update on how he looks now, but I figured a chibi version would be better so that anybody that wants to tackle this lesson, could get some kind of practice before going full force with Kiba in his Shippuden form. The sketch came out awesome, and so did the finished drawing. I drew chibi Kiba while I was live the other day, and I had so much fun with you all, as I always do whenever I draw live. Yesterday was the best because after I was done working, I played Dead Space on my X-Box, and all I have to say is, that game is pretty freaking cool. Anyways, I think that you should have fun when it comes to learning "how to draw chibi Kiba", because the tutorial is pretty simple. When ever you draw chibi style, you always have the choice to make the chibi character hard to replicate, or easy. I chose to make this lesson easy, which is another reason why I know it will be a hit. You know what's funny, out of all the chibi characters I have drawn over time, none of them made it to the top 50. Pretty weird huh? Well I guess that does it for me as far as this description goes. You should take your time with this tutorial so that when you do draw chibi Kiba, your sketch or drawing will come out looking awesome. Peace out my fellow artists and friends, I shall return with a lot more stuff for you guys to do.