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How to Draw Little Hangman

Artist: Piecu / February 5, 2011
How to Draw Little Hangman

Step 1.

Hello down there ;) That's another part of my "happy" artwork. So let's start... As usual, start by drawing outline of his body, and an oval for his head. Add some facial guidelines (a cross in the middle would be enough).

Step 2.

Finish the lower part of his uniform. His legs are extremely easy and they look like two, thick sausages ;P

Step 3.

The head. It's covered by huge hood. I don't have any idea how to describe it's shape... So let's continue... Just below the hood draw curved line for the right arm.

Step 4.

It's time to add some details. Draw left arm, two circles for the eyes. Then modify the shape of his collar and add a line to separate it from rest of the hood.

Step 5.

it's time to draw an axe. Start, by drawing the handle - a long rectangle with rounded ends. Then draw two short lines (perpendicular to the handle) in the place where you want to add a blade. Draw a semicircle with its center somewhere between those   

Step 6.

Finish the shape of the axe and add a curved line to separate the sharpened edge. Draw a little oval for the right hand (he has to have one to catch the axe).

Step 7.

Erase guidelines and all unneeded lines, to finish your little hangman. Of course you can add shading and some colours... If you want to, of course :) I think it wasn't hard to draw him and that you have a lot of fun drawing that... See you :)

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Artist: Piecu
Date Added: February 5, 2011
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Tags: how to draw hangman
Description: I'm sorry for that long absence, but I had some other things to do... Now I'm back and I come here with new tutorial. I hope you'll enjoy it :)