How to Draw Chibi Pennywise, Chibi Pennywise from IT


Make the circle for the head and the blob like shape for the body. When that is done you can add the arm guides and then the facial guidelines.


Using the facial guidelines you can draw out the mean expressive eyes, then draw in the round clown like nose. Don't forget to add definition guys.


The eyes and nose are done. You can see that chibi Pennywise is already coming together. Here you will draw in his sinister smile along with the sharp teeth. Pennywise resides in the underground sewer so that is why he looks like a monstrous clown. A   


Here you will begin to draw the clown hair puff that is triangular in shape as it points downward onto the forehead. When that chunk of hair is drawn, you can then tackle the creation of the clown ruffle collar.


Draw in more of chibi Pennywise's hair until complete, then draw in some of the left arm and sleeve.


Continue to work on the arms until drawn and then when that is done you can draw the hands which are clutched like he wants to grab you and drag you under the sewers.


Last step guys. To finish off this chibi Pennywise creation, draw in the rest of the clown suit which also happens to be his body and or legs. You will then draw in the shoes or feet, then erase the mistakes and guides you created when starting this    


Tah-dah! All done. Color in chibi Pennywise and show off your skills. Join me again for another lesson soon, for now I hope you liked this one on how to draw Pennywise the clown, chibi style.

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October 2, 2017

Description: Hey everyone. I have another awesome lessons for you guys. I looked at the top 50 and saw that Pennywise the clown is number one from the movie IT. Since I have been dying to see the new IT, I thought it would be fun and cool to make a tutorial on drawing chibi Pennywise. I didn't see one anywhere so I'm assuming no one has one thus far. Anyways, have fun and remember guys, if you want me to do a tut for you, let me know. I'm pretty friendly.

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