How to Draw Gunter, Gunter From Adventure Time

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Start off with a round egg like shape for the entire body guide for Gunter.


Next, using the shape you just made as your guide, draw out a bullet shape for the form of the penguins body.


Draw in the marking line which will be the separation line for the white and black colors, then draw in Gunter's fins.


Lastly, draw the pointed beak, and finish Gunter off by drawing out and coloring in his round eyes. Erase any mistakes you may have made along the way.


Here is Gunter when you are all done. As you can see he is ready for you to color him in. Great job guys, now let's move onto another fun lesson on

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September 1, 2012

Description: Who loves that little penguin that follows the Ice King everywhere in Adventure Time? Well, since I received a couple requests to make a lesson on that very penguin, I present to you "how to draw Gunter", step by step. As you know Gunter is the Ice King's right hand man when it comes to needing someone to serves him relentlessly. Gunter is a simple looking penguin that has a great deal of tolerance. It's not sure whether Gunter is a boy or girl, but I seem to think that “he's” a boy. The Ice King seems to really like Gunter's company which is why he is a little soft on him when he does things wrong. Gunter should, or will be a very simple character to draw so you don't really have to worry about coming across a problem when tackling this tut on drawing Gunter from Adventure Time. If you have another favorite character that I don't have as a lesson yet, be sure to ask by dropping me a request. Have fun and be sure to rate, comment, or even fav all the lessons you browse through today or any other day. Peace out people!

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