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How to Draw Chibi Maggie from the Walking Dead

Artist: Dawn / February 13, 2017
How to Draw Chibi Maggie from the Walking Dead

Step 1.

Once again begin by drawing a circle for the head and then facial guidelines as well the body guides.

Step 2.

Here we will start the drawing task of making her face shape, then draw the hair line which is a simple wave.

Step 3.

Draw a flop of wavy bang to thicken and layer the beginning piece you made, then draw in her ear and add detailing inside.

Step 4.

Finish drawing her head shape which also happens to be chibi Maggie's hairstyle.

Step 5.

We will work on chibi Maggie's face starting with the eyebrows. When that is done draw the large shapes of her eyes, thicken the lashes, then color in the pupils. Don't forget to draw a mouth for chibi Maggie too.

Step 6.

Maggie is almost always wearing a muscle shirt so you will have to draw in her sleeves tee here. When drawing Maggie's body, be sure to give her a curve. Add some hips too.

Step 7.

You are almost done with drawing chibi Maggie from The Walking Dead. To finish the upper body, just draw the arms and hands like you see them done for you here. Also add an indent on the shirt to define the chest.

Step 8.

For the legs, draw some simple lined pants, along with her utility belt. Add the stripes in the leather like so.

Step 9.

Finish Maggie by making the shoes, and then the holster for her weapon. Erase the mistakes and guides that where made along the way.

Step 10.

Here is chibi Maggie just standing there waiting to be colored in. That will be the last task to completing this tut.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: February 13, 2017
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Description: I know she can sometimes be annoying, but you have to admit the show would kind of be weird without this face you see here showing up anymore. Up next we will have the pleasure to learn "how to draw chibi Maggie from The Walking Dead". She is Glenn's wife and Hershel's daughter. When season four ended, she had just found Glenn after looking for so long. They met in a tunnel full of Walkers and came to one another's aid. It was an emotional time, but what does the future hold for Maggie and Glenn? No one knows. Have fun with this tut and be sure to tune in to AMC on October 12 for the first episode of season 5. Adios folks.