How to Draw a Walking Dead Tattoo


First, start with the basic guidelines to begin the sketch for the zombie arms. Take your time and try to draw them accurately.


Then, start working on the left hand, starting from the index finger and working your way to the thumb.


Next, follow the same steps as above and sketch the right hand.


Then, we'll start sketching the forearms leaving the ends jagged to represent the torn flesh.


Working from left to right, we'll sketch the torn flesh as well as visible muscle. Add a few scratches and scrapes too to make the arms seem extra dead and torn.


Do the same thing for the right arm. You can vary the various wounds on the right arm to make it seem unique.


Lastly, draw the bones which protrude from the forearms. Take your time, this is the most gruesome part!


Once you've finished the last step, review your drawing and make sure it appears like so. If not, retry the tutorial and keep practicing. For the text, I would suggest drawing your own slogan like "I Love Rick" or "I love the Governor"; it's totally    

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February 12, 2017

Description: Hey guys! I hope you all are ready for the New Years, as well as the continuation of the season 4 of The Walking Dead. In tribute for this awesome show, I've decided to make a tutorial showing you 'how to draw a Walking Dead Tattoo'. This should be pretty fun to draw, especially if you're a huge Walking Dead fan. I've got tremendous inspiration from an awesome TWD t-shirt at Hot Topic that said "I Love Daryl" when I went shopping with a gift card there. So, with that being said, get your pencils ready and we'll get started!

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