How to Draw Lee Everett, The Walking Dead Game


Make a perfect circle like so, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will now begin drawing the shape and structure to the head and face like so, then draw the outline of his ear.


Next, draw the hair line that frames the face, then color it in. Sketch in the ear detailing then move to step four.


Draw the eyebrows then color them in. You will then sketch in the forehead wrinkles as well as the shape of the nose. Sketch the frown lines, then move to step five.


Sketch out his eyes, then draw the definition around them. You will also add detail and definition to his cheeks.


Let's draw out his beard and mouth. The edging of the beard lining should be rugged. The mouth should be drawn closed, and there should be an arch for the chin.


This will be the last drawing step. Sketch out the neck, add detailing to his neck, then draw the shoulders, shirt collar and anything else that is needed. Erase the mistakes as well.


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Color him in and you're all set.

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January 15, 2013

Description: As I said, I still have one last tutorial for you all and this is it. Up next and lastly, here is "how to draw Lee Everett", step by step. He is the main character in the Walking Dead video game. He lost his family due to the zombie Apocalypse. His personality can go both ways. He can be an optimistic individual, or a ruthless survival driven person that will do whatever it takes to stay alive. Sort of like how Rick is in the series. Drawing Lee Everett should be rather easy, but if you're new to drawing you will have to try a couple or few times. No matter what I know you will do a good job. Have fun people and remember to leave your thoughts with a comment.

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