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How to Draw Chibi Jack Barakat

Artist: BlackNothingness / January 2, 2013
How to Draw Chibi Jack Barakat

Step 1.

This is the basic framework of the drawing. You'll want an oval/circle shape for the head, a rectangle-like shape for the torso, and lines for arms and legs.

Step 2.

I'd start drawing the face now.

Step 3.

HAIR TIME! Jack has a freaking mane, so make his hair stick out and curl like everywhere

Step 4.

Now now, we can't have our precious Barakitty without his infamous 'b0ner' shirt! Arms are also necessary, hair included C:

Step 5.

PANTSSSS I chose to draw Jack in shorts

Step 6.

Lookit dem legs guys

Step 7.

Can't forget that manly facial hair!

Step 8.

Erase step 1 and you're good to go! I hope this was somewhat enjoyable lol

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Artist: BlackNothingness
Date Added: January 2, 2013
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Tags: draw chibis, how to draw chibis
Description: Being a fan of ATL myself, I felt the need to draw my bby Jack Barakat