How to Draw Shrunken Heads, Shrunken Heads

Artist: Dawn / May 29, 2017

Step 1.

You will be drawing two heads so double the work needs to be done. Start with two shapes, the one to the left is a little rounder and smaller then the one to the right. Once base of the heads are drawn in, you can add the facial guidelines like so.

Step 2.

Draw out the large seed like shapes for the eyes, and then draw out the tip of the nose. You will then add a line that forms the left brow above the eye like so, and then move to step three.

Step 3.

Now that some of the face is drawn in, you can begin sketching out the actual face structure. Since shrunken heads are just skin based faces, they are going to have a skeletal look or appearance. Draw in the high cheek bones, and then add the flared    

Step 4.

You are almost done with the first face of this shrunken head. You will now draw out the bone that is pierced through the nostril of the nose, and then draw out the frowned mouth and large lips. Add some definition and detailing, then move to step fi   

Step 5.

Draw out the large, over sized ears, and then draw in the crease lines on the forehead, and then draw in a line in the center of both eyes to form lids. Sketch in some darkening spots around the eyes, and then add some skin definition on the nose, an   

Step 6.

You are basically done with the first face, now you will start sketching out the head structure of the second head and notice how lining is a lot more uneven, and longer.

Step 7.

Using the facial guidelines, draw in the eyes which are also seed shaped. Instead of making both eyes shut, you are going to draw one eye open, and then draw the other eye shut. Add an eyeball and pupil to the left eye, and then draw out the nose hol   

Step 8.

The first thing you need to do here is draw out the stitched in mouth, and then add some sewing lines to the right shut eye. Next, add some shading to the left cheek to form definition and detail, and then sketch out the wrinkle and crease lines on t   

Step 9.

I wanted these shrunken heads to look like they are being hung up so I went ahead and drew their hair in a tear drop shape and pulled them together. Draw the outline of a small skull, and then draw out some hair that is peeking through the top.

Step 10.

For the last drawing step all you are doing is adding color, texture, and detail to the hair. Before you do that you should erase the shapes and guidelines that you made in step one so you have a nice cleaned up drawing. Once that is done start at th   

Step 11.

When you are done you should end up with an awesome drawing like you see here. Color the heads in to make them your own. I hope you guys had as much fun as I did with drawing shrunken heads.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Are you guys ready for something really cool? I was thinking and thinking yesterday as to what kind of tattoo designs I could make that would make really cool tutorials. I came up with three options, and I could either choose one of the three to draw, or make them all. Luckily for you guys I decided to go all the way and make lessons out of all three concepts, and believe me they are going to rock your world. To start, I wanted to show you "how to draw Shrunken heads", step by step. Does anybody even know what a shrunken head is, or if there is actually such a thing as shrunken heads? I wondered the same exact thing and after some easy researching I found out that yes they are real, and yes they are still being made. It is the Shuar, Huanbisa, Aguruna, Achuar, and Jivaroan people that practice this type of tradition. Heads are collected from headhunting, and once a head is collected, the process begins. The first thing that needs to be done is the removal of the skull from the skin. This is done with a cut that pierces the skin on the back of the neck. Once the skin has been cut, the flesh is pulled from the skull. To keep the eyes bulging, large seeds are placed behind the holes and then the lids are sewn shut. The mouth is held shut with the use of three palm pins, and then the head is ready to be set. Once fat has been removed, a round solid wooden ball enters the pulled back skin. This keeps the head in shape, and it also keeps it intact and round. Now that the assembly of the head is complete, it’s time to place it in a pan of rolling boiling water along with some herbs. Once the head is done boiling it is then dried on a layer of hot rocks and rubbed down with the ash from the charcoal. Beads, string, and other detailing is added once everything is done. So that’s the process of how a shrunken head is made, now you can follow this tutorial on "how to draw a shrunken head" of your own. Thanks for joining me with this awesome lesson, and be sure to come back to see what else I have in store. Peace!