How to Draw Chibi Vaporeon, Chibi Vaporeon


Start with a circle for head and then add the facial guidelines. You will also need to add a neck line and draw a much smaller shape for the body.


Begin shaping out the face structure so you can begin drawing in the facial features on Vaporeon. Notice the small cheek, and then go to step three.


Using the facial guidelines draw out the large shaped eyes like so, and then color them in fully leaving only a white spot for glare and detail. Draw in a nose and move along to step four.


Starting at the sides of the head, draw in the fin like ears and then draw out a dorsal fin like shape in the middle of the head and then add some detailing to the tops like you see here. The edge or lining of the fins should be notched.


Okay, all you have to do here is draw out the entire collar that surrounds the head. The edge should be serrated like so, and be sure to take your time so you get the collar ring drawn out right.


Add the rib lines that are the details that you need to sketch in like you see here. Add the same type of lining on the ears too.


Since this is a chibi Pokemon, you know that the body is going to be much, much smaller then normal. Start by drawing the front legs, and then draw out the back and hind leg.


Okay, draw out the tail for Vaporeon and as you can see it's very much like a dolphins tail fin. Draw in the frills down the back of the tail, and then move to step nine once you erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Here is how your drawing looks now that you are all done. Color in your new sketch, and consider yourself finished. Thanks for joining me with another fun completion, and this time you drew chibi Vaporeon.

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July 29, 2011

Description: I really meant to upload this tutorial yesterday but I didn’t get a chance to. So, up next I will show you "how to draw chibi Vaporeon", step by step. This is not only an easy chibi Pokemon to replicate, and because of this you are going to be able to make a chibi you love. As you know Vaporeon is a species that looks very much like the aquatic animal, a seahorse. I was asked so many times to make a chibi version of Vaporeon, and because I really enjoy drawing new chibi Pokemon, I wanted to fill the request right away. So here it is, have fun with it, and be sure that when you "draw chibi Vaporeon", be sure to post your finished artwork to the site so everyone else, including me, can see how you did. I shall return with more drawing fun guys so stay tuned in.

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