How to Draw Chibi Ho-Oh, Ho-Oh

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Draw a circle for the head and then draw in the shape for the body. You will then draw out the lines for each wing.


Okay, thicken the circle that you made in step one, and then draw in the crown feathers in the center of the head like so. Next, draw the clawed beak, and then move to step three.


What you will do next is draw out the large diamond shaped eye like so, and then color a majority of it in as well. You will then draw the eyeball and add a line for the beak.


Are you ready to draw out the wings? Well, start with the left wing because all you have to do there is draw out some of the feathers, the right wing is fully visible so you can work on getting that one drawn. Once you have completed the wing add som   


Well, you are almost done with drawing chibi Ho-Oh. Draw in the rest of the body, and then sketch out the feet and or talons. Make sure that you add the claws or nails on each toe.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the rest of the feathers on each wing like so. Next, draw in the wide spread tail feathers and then start erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.


Now that you are done, you can color in your new drawing of chibi Ho-Oh. I hope you liked this lesson, because I know I did.

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July 29, 2011

Description: Hey everyone, welcome back to another fun lesson that is going to be easy to tackle and adorable to start. Again, I will be filling a request that is going to show you "how to draw chibi Ho-Oh", step by step. This bird like species from the Pokemon collection became so popular over the course of time. The regular version of Ho-Oh can be found as a tutorial in the Pokemon characters section under the Anime/Manga category. Chibi Ho-Oh is one of those species that looks the same even in chibi form. I had lots of fun creating this version of an extraordinary bird that has a lot of spunk and pizazz. I still have that other Pokemon to upload and I will be back in a bit to submit that one as well. If you run into any problems with this lesson, just take a deep breath, try and focus, and start all over if you think you need to. Okay, let me fly out of here so I can prepare my next tutorial for you all. Have fun guys and be sure to submit your artwork when you’re done.

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