How to Draw Chibi Alice, Alice in Wonderland

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Start with making a circle for Alice's head then add the facial guideline.


Next, begin sketching out the shape of her chibi face, as well as draw her full bangs which should be parted.


Alice's face is in a 3/4 view angle so you will need to draw the eyes large, and on a 3/4 view style. Add the nose, lashes, mouth, and eyebrows.


Next, draw out her body starting with the shoulder. Draw in her chibi arm and hand, then draw the torso and apron.


You can now draw her dress, then draw in her chibi legs as well as the ruffle detailing on the dress.


Lastly, you will finish this drawing of chibi Alice by sketching out her hair. The hair should be puffy, bouncy and straight. Draw in the ribbon, then erase the mistakes.


Here you have chibi Alice in Wonderland. Now you can have a blast coloring her in.

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July 13, 2012

Description: Isn't she one of the cutest things you ever did see? After I uploaded the tutorial on drawing a chibi version of the Cheshire cat, folks suggested and asked for a lesson on "how to draw chibi Alice from Alice in Wonderland". Of course I was going to fill such a request because I always wanted to turn Alice into a chibi in the past, but I didn't know if people would have liked a tut on her. Now that she is wanted, here she is. I wanted to draw Alice falling down the rabbit hole because as you know that's what she does in the movie. Besides, I didn't want to just have her standing there all bored looking like some of the other chibis I made in the past. This is an ultra cute depiction of Alice, and I think most of you will enjoy drawing chibi Alice. That's all I have to say about this tut, it's your turn now to tackle it. Have fun and be sure to comment, rate, and even fav the lessons that you view today. It's always nice receiving feedback.

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