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How to draw BMO or Beemo

Artist: Beemo / February 2, 2013
How to draw BMO or Beemo

Step 1.

Ok! So lets draw my body and my face! This should be easy!

Step 2.

So lets draw the full face! Draw the eyes like oval shaped like this () and the mouth should be easy too!

Step 3.

Ok! What is a robot without some buttons? Lets draw + shaped button an o and a heart shaped one!

Step 4.

We have to draw the arms and feet because BMO is not a robot without any legs or arms!

Step 5.

Ok! The finishing touch! The coloring! You can use like blueish green with light blue mixed together if your drawing with pencils!

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Artist: Beemo
Date Added: February 2, 2013
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Tags: draw characters, draw adventure time
Description: Hi! My name is BMO and im drawing you a tut of me! So I hope you enjoy it! Leave a comment and favourite! Hit that love button!