How to Draw Batman and The Joker


Let's start by drawing some guide lines for the two heads. I've marked the eye line and the outline of the face on each character.


Starting with Batman, let's begin by drawing the eye hole in his mask. The angry eyebrow is really exaggerated. The whole mask is something like molded rubber, so it helps to keep that in mind.


I like to keep the front of the mask pretty simple, like Batman the Animated Series from the 90's. Strong lines and curves. We'll add more detail in a bit.


These facial details are part of the mask, and not just his facing showing through. the sharp angles are pretty interesting.


Still keeping things pretty simple for his actual face. If you wanted, you could leave the drawing at this level of detail for a real animated feel. Note how the mouth line curves down from the front of the lips. The ear is like a question mark (?) a   


Here we finish the main body of the mask by adding the neck and horns. I like to think of this as all one big piece of flexible rubber, like the earlier Batman films... except of course that Batman couldn't turn his head.


In reality, you wouldn't really see the second bat ear/horn from the side. For a cartoon image like this, though, it helps to add it in. Draw it a bit shorter and a bit offset from the first horn to make it appear to be further away. We can also draw   


Let's wrap Batman up by adding some shadows and texture to the mask. Let's also add some more wrinkles and detail to his face. A bit of stubble hints that Batman's been working long, tired nights and gives him a rougher, grizzled look.


Let's start the Joker now, beginning with his eyebrow and eye. The eye is almost like a triangle shape from the side. The exaggerated eyebrows give him a wild look.


I picture the Joker as an older guy, so I like to exaggerate the bags and wrinkles around his eyes.


This nose is a bit long and cartoony, but it works for the Joker. Keep the main profile lines strong in order to match the style of Batman's drawing.


We'll exaggerate the smile and chin a bit since this is the Joker. The neck should be thin with a prominent Adam's apple. This guy is not a muscular, fighter type.


This hairstyle is inspired by Batman The Animated Series. Lots of sharp angles and curves. The tuft of hair curling up in the front is pretty fun.


Let's start to draw the Joker's suit-jacket along with his poison-spraying flower.


I put a fair amount of detail into his bow tie, so I wanted to break it down into two steps so you can see how it was constructed.


We can add the collar of his undershirt once the bow is complete.


Draw in the rest of the Joker's outfit. I started the neck with only the main muscles showing, but decided to add a lot of details to make him look gaunt and sickly.


I really like these wrinkles on his forehead. After adding more facial details, let's add some dash marks to the hair line to break it up and make it more realistic.


I drew the Joker's teeth a bit rounded out in the front. A trick to drawing teeth is to focus on the gum lines and the areas where the upper and lower teeth meet. You don't have to fully outline each tooth. Also remember there's a curve to the teeth,   


Leaving those white spaces gives his hair a nice shine and gives us an idea of how the hair is shaped in three dimensions. I like the graphic look of this step. If you're keeping the drawing cartoony, you could stop here.


For a more realistic look, we'll add these long curved dashes. Getting the angle of the curves right is really important here. You want to strive for a rounded look. Lines toward the center of the head will be more straight. Toward the back of the he   


Here's the finished line art in black. Pretty bold, I think. This is pretty much the most classic pairing of a hero and villain in comic books, beyond Superman/Lex Luther, Spider-man/Green Goblin, etc... There's something about Batman and the Joker t   

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December 7, 2013

Description: For this tutorial we'll be drawing Batman and the Joker facing off in a cartoon/comic book hybrid style. Hope you all enjoy.

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