How to Draw Batman and Joker Yin Yang


Begin like always and make a circle for the shape of the yin yang.


You will now add a swirl like line down the middle of the circle.


In this step you will draw the shape of the mouth, Batman's mouth.


Next up, draw the wide shaped triangular eye, then add a mouth dash.


Here you will draw the thick lining that forms the Joker's mouth or grin. You will then add the teeth and move to step six.


Up next, draw the hair which is a simple curl. Add the detailing to the curl, and move to step seven.


Draw the Joker's eye and eyeball like so. When you draw this eye, make sure to add a crease at the corner.


Lastly, draw jacket line and then add the pinstripes to his suit jacket. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.


This is the line art now that you are done. Add some color and you are finally ready to show off your work.

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February 22, 2014

Description: Hey guys, I'm back once again with some really awesome tuts starting with a few yin yang ones. Since there are a lot of Batman fans out there, I thought a lesson on "how to draw Batman and Joker Yin Yang" would be something that folks would enjoy. As usual this yin yang design is going to be super simple to tackle and recreate which means a lot of people will have a blast. I tried leaving all the traditional colors for both Batman and Joker intact, but if you see something missing just add what you think should be there. That' about it, I just want to get my other tuts uploaded so stay tuned in.

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