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How to Draw the Ape Titan, Attack on Titan

Artist: KingTutorial / December 6, 2013
How to Draw the Ape Titan, Attack on Titan

Step 1.

Ok, this guy's going to be fun. For the body, draw a thick peanut shape. Then draw very long lines for the arms. Cartoonishly long.

Step 2.

We'll start the line art with the hair covering the top half of the pectoral muscles. The hair dips down into a V at the center. Hair like this is tricky, so we need to simplify as much as possible. I used little U-shapes, broken up in little groups.   

Step 3.

Now we'll add the lower pectorals and the abdominal muscles. Notice the center line. From the top of the chest to the bottom of the abs, there's a reverse "S" line running down the center of the body. This makes it so the ribcage and chest are facing   

Step 4.

Here we'll outline the muscles on the sides of the ribcage. At the bottom of those curves, we'll draw larger curves for the love handles. This guy has a really bizarre physique.

Step 5.

The curves of the crotch hair match or mirror the curves of the chest hair. We can now draw in the rest of the abdominal/ribcage muscles and then the strange series of muscles below. Honestly, this goes way outside of realistic human anatomy. It does   

Step 6.

Draw in the furry shoulders. Then add the furry neck and finally the trapezius muscles. We can add some detail to the chest now, too.

Step 7.

Now it gets weird again. The arms are really thin and lanky, like an orangutan or something... but it's hard to draw muscles when they're covered with hair. We'll do our best. Let's begin by outlining the biceps with hairy lines.

Step 8.

We have to get a bit sketchier to achieve the hair effect on the rest of the arms.

Step 9.

This is a good time to draw in the lat muscles. These muscles have no hair on them.

Step 10.

Try to hint at some muscles below the hair on the forearms. The tuft of hair at the end of each arm helps us cover up the wrist as a little cheat to save time.

Step 11.

Use your own hands for reference here, but make the fingers extra long. This guy is sort of halfway between an orangutan and a human. He's actually more like a Sasquatch, really. Anyway, his hands are still pretty human-like.

Step 12.

It's a bit easier to outline the leg muscles with that hairy line technique. There's a lot more surface area, so just use the short dashes to outline those shapes. The hairs can get longer and more dense on the underside of the legs and crotch.

Step 13.

Really different angles on the lower legs and feet. His feet are still very human-like, so they shouldn't be too hard to draw. The hairy lines help us cover up and simplify the anatomy a bit so the perspective is a little easier to draw.

Step 14.

Please enlarge the images to see these steps. We'll start the head by drawing the thick eyebrow ridge.

Step 15.

Next comes a small nose, big cheekbones, and a bit of the upper lip. The space between the nose and mouth is rather large.

Step 16.

Outline the mouth and lips. Then draw in the ear. It's pointed, like an elf or Mister Spock.

Step 17.

Finish up the tongue and teeth. Then we can draw the top of the head. Just kind of semi-long hair. The sideburns are pretty shaggy. This is where we start adding a lot of shadow to the hair.

Step 18.

Here we'll revisit the hairy parts of the drawing and add more line weight and shadow areas to achieve a more realistic look. we can also use these long, hairy lines to fill out the shape of the neck.

Step 19.

The chin is covered in long hair. The "beard" just connects to the rest of the neck hair, but we can use shadows to shape it a bit. At this point I decided to go around and thicken up the outlines and add a little more shading to the hair. It's also    

Step 20.

...and there he is. What a monster. I normally don't like ape-like characters, but this guy is really interesting. Can't wait to see more of him in the manga. He's still so mysterious! And he's kind of a jerk! :P Hope you guys liked this. I had a lot   

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Artist: KingTutorial
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Description: It's my pleasure to bring you the ultra-creepy Ape Titan from Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan. This guy appears in the manga directly after the final scenes of the anime. What a beast.