How to Draw Ash and Pikachu Yin Yang


Start off with a simple circle like you always make when drawing a yin yang.


Once again make a swirl or S line down the center of the circle.


We will start with Pikachu and draw the eyes as well as color them in. Add a nose and mouth, then draw Pikachu's cheeks.


Add the thick stripes on the back, then proceed on.


Let's tackle Ash next. Start off with drawing his hair which is spiky.


Draw the eyebrows, then draw in his eyes.


Finish drawing the eyes and then add the bolt like lines on the cheeks. When that is done you can draw Ash's mouth which is open and smiling.


Lastly, draw the jacket collar and then the zipper that flows down the jacket. If you made mistakes you can erase them now.


Okay guys that's it. You can start the coloring process for Ash and Pikachu yin yang.

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February 22, 2014

Description: You know I just had to go and make a lesson on a yin tang concept made up of two very special Pokemon figures that everyone loves. Up next, we will tackle this task on drawing Ash and Pikachu yin yang, step by step. This is one of my favorite yin yang creations to date and I think it's because they look so harmonious together. Ash is happy and smiling, and Pikachu is doing what he does best, look adorable. If you are a fan of Pokemon and yin yangs this tut should definitely be exciting to tackle. Have fun and let me know what ya'll think.

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