How to Draw Batista

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Begin by making a large circle for Batista's head, and then add the guidelines for the face and shoulders like so.


Now sketch out the structure of his powerful looking face like so, and then sketch in the shapes of his nose, and brows which are in a downward slant.


Believe it or not but you are already half way through with this tutorial. All you have to do here is sketch in his slick back hair line like so and be sure to use razor strokes. Once that is done draw in the shapes of his eyes. Lastly, sketch out th   


Now you will begin sketching out Batista's body that is visible like the muscle filled back, neck, and shoulders. Also add some lining for the tops of his chest like so. Once that is done you will continue to sketch out the face starting with the for   


Now you are ready to start adding the shading which will add texture, detailing and definition to Batista's face. But before you do this you have to erase the guidelines that you drew in step one. After that is done begin sketching out the detailing    


Here is the mighty Batista when you are all done. You can either leave him as a sketch or add some skin tone colors for added texture. I had fun drawing out one of WWE most popular wrestlers, and I hope you did too. Thanks for joining me with this le   

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January 11, 2011

Description: Well guys I have drawn just about everything I can think of and because of that it gets pretty difficult to submit new drawings that no one has seen before. I’ve decided to fulfill some requests for the next week just so I can get on the ball with coming up with new original stuff. To start, I will show you "how to draw Batista", step by step. He measures in at six feet six inches tall and weighs roughly around two hundred ninety pounds. David Michael Bautlsta Jr. was born in Washington D.C. on January 18, 1969. He is, or was as some of you may know, a professional wrestler for the WWE. Even though he is a well-recognized star in the wrestling industry, he wasn’t always living his life in the right direction. As a teen Batista grew up in poverty and lived through a rough childhood. At the age of thirteen, he was stealing cars, and living his life on the edge. When he reached the age of seventeen he was living his young adult life away from home and things weren’t looking so good for his future. That is until he began body building. Before that he was a bouncer for various clubs, and he even did some lifeguard work. Once he was on a steady bodybuilding regimen, he wanted to try out for WCW Power Plant. After being told he wouldn’t make it in the wrestling business, he embarked on another Adventure that brought him to the WWF. The World Wrestling Federation saw something in Batista, and because of this they sent him on a training bout at the Wild Samoan Training Centre under the training hand of Afa Anoa’i. After some years he finally made his wrestling debut for WWE in 2002 with the May 9th episode of Smack Down!. His ring name then was Deacon Batista. Next came tag team wrestling and his partner was D-Von. After successfully going through tag team wins and losses, he went on to join wrestling icons like Triple H, Ric Flair, and Randy Orton as they formed a wrestling team named Evolution. This made him even more popular from the years of 2003-2005. Over the years he gained fame and fortune as being one of the WWE’s prized wrestlers and mentioning his name to this day is always going to bring up some kind of story. He is a humongous package of meat, muscle, and strength, and when if you are six feet or under, approaching someone that is 6’6 and 290 pounds can be pretty intimidating. I think you will enjoy this lesson because it will show you "how to draw Batista" using easy to read instructions, and simple to follow steps. I will be back in a bit with more drawing fun so stay tuned in to see who or what pops up next.

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