How to Draw a Skirt, Skirts

Artist: Dawn / January 13, 2011

Step 1.

These are typical types of skirts seen in the common fashion industry. 1. Normal thin fabric skirts that reach the ends of the knees. You'd most likely see this on people who are dressing formally for a job interview or dance. 2. The ruffled skirt is   

Step 2.

A technique can be used to draw the 'flow' that they direct in. These are two viewed from the bottom to where you can see the actual 'flow'. First, draw the direction in 'squiggly' lines. This will define the motion. Then, you basically draw the line   

Step 3.

So what if you character is wearing a skirt that is blowing in the wind or some other force acted upon it? You look at the direction of the force that is acting against the fabric and define the flow of the cloth. In this case, I drew the basis squig   

Step 4.

Here's another example of 'flow' which looks diverse from the skirts I drew previously. Remember to draw the lines in a certain direction before you detail!

Step 5.

Using what I learned above, I put the models as well as the skirts, to the test. These are two different types that are moving in a certain direction. The clothing to the left, sets in a static position since there's no force acting upon it. I switch   

Step 6.

Begin by drawing out the basic outlined shape that your skirt will form into in later steps. Since this is a mini style skirt, the shape isn't going to be very long.

Step 7.

Before you go any further with drawing out the design of the skirt, you must first draw out the shapes of the lower body that will be wearing or holding the clothing. Having said that, draw out the legs starting with the hips, then the thighs, and lo   

Step 8.

Now you will begin sketching out the lining that will make up the bottom half of the skirt. For my design I chose to draw a ruffled mini skirt and because of that my lining has to be a bit messy.

Step 9.

The very last part to drawing a skirt is drawing the material that will surround the hips and or legs. This is sort of like drawing an upside down cup. Once that is done, draw the waist band, and then add the lining that will give the skirt it's ruff   

Step 10.

Here it is, a finished drawing of a cute ruffled mini skirt that can be used to dress your anime or manga females. I hope you had fun, make sure to add some design patterns for your skirt to make it pop. Thanks for joining me with this lesson on how    

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Yesterday I forgot to upload a lesson that teaches the novice or even intermediate artist "how to draw a skirt", step by step. Now itโ€™s no secret that drawing clothes can sometimes be a challenging task, but if you learn from a good tutorial properly, you should be able to draw skirts and other clothes rather simply. There really isnโ€™t anything to creating a skirt, especially a piece of clothing that is one piece, short, and designed to your liking. Skirts are short versions of a dress. They were created or made to cut out the whole complexity of wearing a full length one piece dress. Did you ever look at a dress and loved the bottom half, but hated the top portion of the dress. Well, that is one of the reasons why I think the shirt was made. Back in the fifties young ladies either wore long length skirts that hugged their body from the waist, down to the knee, or there where the younger girls that wore poodle skirts which were very full of fabric, puffy, and perfect for dancing in. Anyways the skirt that I drew is what you typically see on an older manga or anime teen. Of course if you are learning from this lesson because you want to learn "how to draw a skirt" for a for real figure, all you have to do is be more practical in the design. Besides that, you should have a blast with this lesson as you walk your way through the ins and outs of making clothes. Peace people.