How to Draw Sumo Wrestlers, Sumo Wrestlers

Artist: catlucker / January 30, 2012

Step 1.

First draw you guidelines. Sketch lightly their heads, arms, torso and legs. Keep the same amount of space between the two figures.

Step 2.

Now draw in their heads and parts of their arms. Try out the shadow on the Japanese wrestler facing you.

Step 3.

Work down to draw the back and the band of the wrestler's Mawashi (top of loincloth looking diaper). Don't forget to draw the opponent's shadowed chest and arm.

Step 4.

Keep your eyes focused on where the guidelines are in relation to your drawing. Now draw the leg and the rest of the Mawashi of the wrestler whose back is facing us. Glancing over to the wrestler facing you, draw in his leg portion and the back of hi   

Step 5.

Here is the last step. Complete the next legs on the wrestlers, add the shadowed areas too.

Step 6.

I made this line drawing especially for you if you don't want to do the pencil shading and blending part. Otherwise, let us continue to the pencil drawing part.

Step 7.

Here is the outline done with a 0.7mm mechanical pencil. Look closely and see if your lines look something like this.

Step 8.

The picture that goes with this step shows two different ways to hold your pencil to acquire certain effects. OVERHAND: Holding a sharpened pencil in normal writing form with fingers in the middle or near the lead gives you great control and thin/det   

Step 9.

PENCIL STROKES & TONE, SHADING, TEXTURE -- For your convenience, I have inserted this step with different pencils, strokes to use. And you can study the shapes that make up this drawing universe, along with tone, shading, and texture.

Step 10.

The picture here is a great exercise for value shading. I've got a little secret tip for you to make things easier. You can download this to your desktop. First click on the picture to have access to full size. By right clicking on your mouse, you ca   

Step 11.

After printing out a number of the above template, practice shading in the values like this picture. You become familiar with this shading technique that gives you more control and confidence.

Step 12.

This is the first start. This is where you would sketch in small circles or lines to shade the areas. It would take hours upon hours to cover all that area with a pencil. I chose to shade with pastels. In a few strokes I've got area coverage. Applied   

Step 13.

I added some more dark gray to shadowed areas and their Mawashi. What's interesting is I haven't used a pencil yet during this stage. I took a blending stump (since it won't leave lines and will cover a larger area) and shaded laying the stump tapere   

Step 14.

After I sketched with my 9B (this is a good time to apply the shading techniques show earlier in this tutorial), I used the blending stump to give shadows on the wrestlers.

Step 15.

Here is how your picture can look once you have finished. Don't be afraid to add highlights to their shoulders and upper knee areas. Since these figures are more simple, you can also use this tutorial also for the pencil shading exercises.

Step 16.

If you are interested on what I used for this full color picture (which I rarely do here), click on picture for this step. I am hoping you learned something from this tutorial. I am closing out now. But you all have been wonderful and it has been a g   

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Artist: catlucker
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Description: I must say, there is something mighty majestic about these athletes. Perhaps it is because of they are mysterious or purely their physique, whichever, I wish I can meet a sumo wrestler. In Japan, they are the celebrities of their sport world. Professional sumo is organized by the Japan Sumo Association. The members of the association, called oyakata, are all former wrestlers, and are the only people entitled to train new wrestlers. All practicing wrestlers are members of a training stable (heya) run by one of the oyakata, who is the stablemaster for the wrestlers under him. Currently there are 54 training stables for about 700 wrestlers. I have done many portrait faces recently. This time, we can relax. These sumo wrestlers are cartoon-like and to make things easier, their faces are not detailed. As you go through this tutorial, I hope you have fun and learn something about how to draw. Please fav, vote and comment. Everyone, thank you for your support. Love and hugs to you.