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How to Draw Matt Hardy

Artist: Dawn / January 9, 2011
How to Draw Matt Hardy

Step 1.

Draw a medium sized shape for the head, and then draw in the guidelines for the face.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out the shape of the whole front of his face like you see here, and since Matt Hardy has such a chiseled jaw line you will need to draw the jaw line and chin sort of squared.

Step 3.

Now using the facial guidelines you drew in step one, you will begin sketching out the shapes of his almond sized eyes, and then draw out the lining for the nose and piece of brow like so.

Step 4.

You are half way done with this tutorial and so far you are doing great. Just continue to take your time as you sketch out the face of a WWE star. Begin sketching out his nose which should include the nostrils, and cheek detailing. The cliff above hi   

Step 5.

You are already on step five and as you can see when you are done here Matt Hardy starts to take form. Here you will be using a sketching stroke instead of a hard pencil stroke. You will start by sketching out his slick back hairstyle like so and mak   

Step 6.

Now you are ready to sketch out the beard which is in the form of a neat line-up. Sketch out more of his hairstyle and as you can see he has sort of wavy hair. Add some shading, to his hair, as well as more detailing lines which shows the strands in    

Step 7.

You are ready to finish off this wrestler. All you have to do now is add more detailing, shading, and contouring so his hair looks well defined. Finish off his eyes with some pupils, and then sketch in the shading to add detailing, definition and tex   

Step 8.

Here he is all done and drawn. You can choose to color the sketch in, or you can leave Matt Hardy as a sketch. I hope you had fun, because even though this was tedious work I still had fun.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 9, 2011
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Tags: how to draw a wrestler, how to draw wrestlers, how to draw wwe wrestlers
Description: I’m just going to very quickly submit two lessons on some very famous and well-loved wrestlers from the WWE. In the past I submitted a tutorial on Jeff Hardy and that lesson blew up like an atomic bomb. Today I thought it would be cool to submit "how to draw Matt Hardy", step by step which happens to be Jeff’s brother. Together the duo became “The Hardy Boyz” and this was during the years 1998-2001. His full name is Matthew Moore and as of right now he is thirty six years old and if you ask me, Matt has a totally different look than his brother Jeff. Jeff and Matt also founded an organization called OMEGA, which is short for “Organization of Modern Extreme Grappling Arts” which was established in 1997. His careers were started in the wrestling business and for so long all Matt did was perform for his fans. When the end of the Hardy Boyz came to pass, he started doing some self-promoted work without his brother Jeff. Nowadays he still wrestles and as far as I know he was supposed to be released from the WWE because Matt no longer wanted to be associated with the organization. When September of last year rolled around the WWE stated that Matt Hardy is to be released from his contract. For some extra bio information on Matt Hardy, did you know that when he was in school he was quite the athlete? So much so he played baseball through almost all of his school years, and then he even played some football as well. Once he became a senior all his sports with baseball and football came to an end. Anyways, you will have an awesome time learning "how to draw Matt Hardy", step by step. Just to let you guys know this WWE wrestler has been requested by so many people so I went ahead and filled those requests. Have fun ya’ll when tackling this tutorial. I’ll be back soon.