How to Draw Anime Squirtle


Make an odd shaped circle for Squirtle's head.


Begin the drawing process for the eyes like so. As you can see they are angled.


Finish drawing Squirtle's eyes, then draw in the mouth, nose slits and that's it for now.


Up next, draw the body which is a regular simple shape. Add a chest line for the definition for the belly.


Give this anime version of Squirtle some arms and small hands.


We will now draw Squirtle's legs and feet like you see here.


Almost done people. All that needs to be done here is more definition on the belly. Remember that Squirtle is half squirrel, half turtle. He has the belly of a turtle.


For the very last step all you have to do is draw in the thick curly tail. When that is done simply erase the mistakes.


And there you have it. A finished drawing of an anime Squirtle. Color him in to finish everything off.

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April 12, 2014

Description: I don't know how much you can change the appearance of Squirtle when you draw this Pokemon species in anime form because Squirtle is too cute no matter how you look at this creature. I will refer to Squirtle as 'him' because I have always thought Squirtle was a boy. Up next we will attempt to draw an anime version of Squirtle. Instead of doing a drawing from the front, side, or 3/4 view, I thought it would be fun to make this lesson on a downward from atop view. Almost like Squirtle is looking up at you from the ground. I always imagined this Pokemon species very small like a little dwarf. If he where to look up at me, I would seem like a giant to him. Anyways, drawing anime Squirtle should be easier then making an anime Bulbasaur. I will return like I always do with more tuts for you all. Peace out and enjoy.

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