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How to Draw Mega Gengar

Artist: KingTutorial / January 11, 2014
How to Draw Mega Gengar

Step 1.

We'll begin with some simple guide lines. Draw a large egg shape for the body. Then draw a vertical curve down the center of that shape. Draw another horizontal line wrapping around the middle. Draw two large teardrop-like shapes for the hands. Add s   

Step 2.

Ok, we're going to break this down to really simple steps. Start by drawing a couple of check marks for the eyebrows.

Step 3.

Draw a half circle for each eyeball. Then add a circle in the center of the forehead for a third eye.

Step 4.

Draw a simple smile beneath the eyes. Then draw another larger curve below for the bottom lip.

Step 5.

Draw two curves to outline the upper and lower rows of teeth.

Step 6.

Use two small curves to draw the sides of the tongue. Then use tiny semi-circles for the pupils of the eyes.

Step 7.

Draw another semicircle around the pupil on the main two eyes. Then use vertical lines to separate the individual teeth.

Step 8.

Use large curves to draw the V shape of each large ear / spike.

Step 9.

Draw the next set of spikes smaller than the big ones. You can aim these spikes in different directions to achieve different effects.

Step 10.

Add some smaller spikes to fill in the rest of the head.

Step 11.

Start at the bottom of each hand and draw large V shapes to form the spiky hair of the arms.

Step 12.

You can draw an M shape to mix things up a bit as you complete the sides of the arms.

Step 13.

Draw small curves for the upper arms. The use smooth curves for the knuckles on the hands.

Step 14.

Use back-and-forth curves to create the shape of each finger claw.

Step 15.

Draw a large curve to outline the rest of the body.

Step 16.

Draw some small curves for knees when you outline the upper legs.

Step 17.

Use quick curves to draw the feet and toes.

Step 18.

Here's the final line art in black and white.

Step 19.

If you like, you can use the simple drawing as a base for a more detailed drawing. That concludes the Mega Gengar tutorial. This guy is pretty fun. I hope you enjoyed drawing along with me. Thanks for viewing!

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Artist: KingTutorial
Date Added: January 11, 2014
Steps: 19
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Tags: how to draw pokemon
Description: Hey guys. Back with another Pokemon tutorial. We'll be drawing Mega Gengar in a simple style. Hope you enjoy!