How to Draw Anime Bulbasaur


Start off by drawing the shape of Bulbasaur's head structure like so. Be sure to incorporate the ears.


Next, draw in the top portion of the eyes, and be sure to make that crinkle line which will give Bulbasuar a series expression on its face.


Finish drawing the eyes, then draw in the nose and mouth which is a small hole lined with teeth. Before calling this step finished, you will need to add the spots on the forehead.


Draw the front legs and the small nails or claws on the feet like so, then proceed to step five.


Simply add some spots on the front legs like so.


You will start drawing the body by adding the shape of the stomach and back thigh.


Draw in Bulbasaur's butt and then the rest of the back leg. Add the small clawed nails on the foot too.


Now we can draw the large bulb on the back. This bulb looks more like a garlic bulb then anything else.


Up next, draw in the vines that's spewing out from the center part of the bulb like you see here.


Add one more vine like so, then proceed to step eleven.


Up next, draw the detailing on the bulb which is two simple lines.


Add more spotting on Bulbasaur's body, then erase the mistakes you made through out the lesson.


That's it, you are all done with drawing an anime version of Bulbasaur. I hope you had fun people. All you have to do now is color in this Pokemon species.

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April 12, 2014

Description: I have three more anime versions of some popular Pokemon characters/species going up so let's get started. We will begin with "how to draw anime Bulbasaur", step by step. I have always liked Bulbasuar and I think it's because it is a species that I grew up with as a young child as I watched Pokemon on the television. There are other Pokemon that I am familiar with but Bulbasaur is one of the most memorable. I really like recreating these Pokemon creatures into anime style because I can make their faces a bit more serious then they normally are. If there is a Pokemon species that you would like to see a lesson on in anime style, just give me shout and I will get ur done. Have fun folks, and peace out.

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