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How to Draw Serena from Pokemon

Artist: KittenLover / February 18, 2014
How to Draw Serena from Pokemon

Step 1.

Draw the guidelines for her body

Step 2.

Draw in her hair, eyes, and sunglasses

Step 3.

Draw her mouth, nose, and eyes

Step 4.

Draw in more of her hair

Step 5.

Draw in her shirt and the rest of her hair

Step 6.

Draw in her skirt

Step 7.

Draw in her arms and her bag

Step 8.

Draw in her legs

Step 9.

Draw her shoes

Step 10.

Erase the guidelines and mistakes

Step 11.

Yay!!! You're done!

Comments (1)
craftertflat · 6 years ago
I love this tutorial. I managed to finally draw Serena...even though it's not as good as the above...yet. I've got practice to do, but this is actually the first character I've ever drawn. Considering I'm wanting to draw my own Manga one day and the fact that I love Pokemon and Serena is my favorite so far, this was a great choice. Thanks for that tutorial. Here is my image if you'd like to take a look. http://imgur.com/u1p70kM