How to Draw Anime Cats, Anime Cats


This is just a quick sketch that I conjured up showing you at least three different anime cat versions that you can choose from as far as style goes when creating the feline of your chose. There is your standard looking cat, the stubby looking cat, a   


Let us begin with drawing the cat's faces. Start by drawing four circles for the heads and then sketch in one horizontal face guide like so.


You will now try and keep the head and face structures of your anime cat heads uniform. If you find this task difficult, that's okay. Draw in the ears and then proceed to step four.


There is four different expressions that you can choose to draw on your cat. Start with the closed lid expression which is just some thick lines for the lids, and then make sure the inner ends are a bit grungy. Next, draw oblong shaped eyes like so,    


Finish off the eyes by drawing the eyeballs or iris' and then draw the noses, mouths, and all the whiskers that you see here. You will also need to sketch in some eyebrows. When you are done, clean up the drawing freeing it from mistakes and guides.


When you are all done you can color in your cats to your liking.


Now we will draw the entire face and body of an anime cat. Again, start with a circle shape for the head and then sketch in the face guide.


Begin sculpting out the shape of the cat's head and face structure like so, as well as incorporate the pointed ears and fluff at the top of his or her head.


Make thick closed eyelids, and then color in a nose, mouth and some short whiskers. Sketch in some detailing for the chin as well as the ear tissue.


Draw the cute body which is a very subtle stance, and then draw the tail which is wrapped around the cat's body.


Sketch in the chest hair, and then draw the front leg and back leg or thigh. Clean up the drawing and you are all done.


You are done. Choose some colors and get busy adding some vivid color to your anime cat or cats.

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June 27, 2017

Description: Here it is, the last tutorial for the drawing day, or at least for my drawing day. Up next, I will show you in better detail, "how to draw anime cats", step by step. Why cats in anime form you ask? Well, I have received over fifteen requests for me to make more anime animals, but more specifically cats. There is so many different ways you can draw anime styles cats because all artists create anime differently. For me it is something that comes very easy or naturally to me and I think it’s because I have been drawing anime for so long now. I did however have a lot of fun making, and creating a very adorable anime cat for you all and if you like what you see now, wait till you come back tomorrow to see the other anime animal I have in store for you. For now, sit back and relax as you tackle the task of drawing anime cats. Thanks guys and I do hope you enjoy, and learn from this lesson.

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