How to Draw Baby Kittens, Baby Kittens


Since you are drawing two cats, you will need to do double the work. Make two circles like so, and then draw in the face guides as well.


We will work on one baby kitten at a time to make things less confusing. To begin, sketch out the actual shape of the kitten's head using a stroke that adds fluff to the lining. Draw in the ears and then move to step three.


The kitten to the left is the Maine Coon one which means the head is going to be slightly bigger than the first one you just drew. Repeat the same process as you did in step one, but make the face a little more fluffier. Draw the ears and add some of   


Here you will kill two birds with one stone. Using the facial guides begin drawing out the shapes of the kitten's eyes like so, and hen color in some pupils. Once that is done you can draw he noses, as well as the mouths, and then draw in the whisker   


Here you will begin drawing the body of your first baby kitten. Start by sketching out the small legs, and cute paws. Make sure each toe on the paw are well defined, and then sketch in the fluffy style chest.


You will then draw the back, as well as the hind legs and paws like so.Take your time to ensure that the kitten has a proportionate body.


Now you can draw in the front legs to the other kitten's body like so, and make sure the lining includes two small bumps for the fifth toe above the paws.


Finish up the kitten by drawing the back leg, and then draw in all four paws which should include the toes. Sketch in some chest fuzz and then start cleaning up your drawing so you can get busy coloring in your kitties.


Here are the kittens in full drawn view. Now you can add stripes, or patches, or keep them solid colored cats. You did a great job, be sure to show others what you have done.

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January 17, 2012

Description: I have some more baby animals on the way before I get into the good stuff. This first lesson is going to be what you call very adorable. I must warn you, if you have a problem with cuteness you might want to walk away right now because I’m about to show you all "how to draw baby kittens", step by step. I know what you are going to say, kittens are babies and you're one hundred percent right. These two baby tutorials are dedicated to my eight year old sister who wanted me to be specific when I drew the kittens. I told her that kittens are babies, and she said “yeah I know, but their baby kittens”. Besides, I know there is people that search for kitten tutorials by typing in the phrase ‘baby kittens’. The brown tiger colored cat is supposed to be a Maine Coon kitten. Maine Coon cats are very large, and they grow to be the size of a small dog. The orange colored kitten is supposed to be a replica of how our cat looked when he was a kitten. The great thing about this tutorial is how you can make your baby kittens look like anything you want. Not all cats have stripes; some are solid colors, while others have a mixture of colors. Anyways, have fun drawing baby kittens and I will prepare my other tutorial for you all. Adios amigos and enjoy!

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