How to draw an anime cat (sitting)

Artist: bluefeatherraven / April 11, 2012

Step 1.

Roughly draw the head. You may omit this step as you get more familiar with drawing the fur on the head, but it is kinda difficult at first.

Step 2.

Add the fur- The ears should take up about a bit more than half of the head, but you decide :P Then for the side of the face- just do a few squiggles outside the circle and for the scrap of fur on top of the head- It doesn't really matter how you do    

Step 3.

Depending on where the neck is, draw an oval under it as the body. Once again, you can omit this step as you get more confident drawing the body.

Step 4.

Then draw the fur for the body. I usually leave the bottom bit out for the front paws and just do an upturned 'm' in the middle, but you deide.

Step 5.

Now draw the feet. I find this part a bit tricky but I'm bad at drawing feet... anyway... between the feet draw an arch of some sort for where the back should be if the cat is sitting down. The arch should be somewhere near the heels of the paws.

Step 6.

Now draw the tail.

Step 7.

Get rid of the rough lines and add some additional lines- The ears, toes and such.

Step 8.

Draw the face- and the whiskers

Step 9.

Now you can colour it as you please!

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Artist: bluefeatherraven
Date Added: April 11, 2012
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Tags: how to draw cats, how to draw anime cats, draw cartoon cat
Description: A cute cat that took me a year and a half to master. I use these for some of my animations :P ENJOY!