How to Draw a Sphynx Cat


Here you will begin your first step by drawing a head shape, and then draw an oblong egg shape like you see here. Draw a connecting neck line as well as sketch in a facial guide.


You will now start drawing the head and face structure of the cat, and when you do this be sure to include the large ears, as well the snout and mouth.


Sketch in the inner ear detailing and then draw the large wide open eyes as well as color in the pupils. Draw the nose tip, and then sketch the whiskers. You will also need to draw in the facial wrinkles and creases.


You are now on step four which means you will begin drawing the body. Start with the back of the neck and begin drawing the folds which is supposed to look like loose skin. Draw the arched back, as well as the hairless rat like tail.


As you can see you will be drawing the front part of the neck and then draw the chest and front leg as well as the large cat paw. Draw the toes and then move to step six.


In this step you will draw the other front leg as well as the front paw. Sphynx cats have large paws so make sure that you draw them in this manner.


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw the back legs and thighs as well as the back paws and belly. Notice how there is more folds, wrinkles and creases. Clean up your mistakes and you are done.


Here is what your new hairless cat looks like when you are all done. Color him/her in and remember that you can also add the markings if you want.

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February 24, 2012

Description: Some may recognize this cat breed from the movie 'Austin Powers' when Dr. Evil reintroduces his cat Mr. Bigglesworth to everyone. The difference with Mr. Bigglesworth this time, is he has no hair because all of his hair fell out while he and Dr. Evil was cryogenically frozen. Upon defrosting, the poor kitty lost all of its hair. As you know that story is totally false because there are cats that are born hairless, or so they seem to be. The feline that you will be getting a lesson on today, has lots of wrinkles, folds and creases. Up next, you will learn "how to draw a Sphynx cat", step by step. Even though you may think that the Sphynx cat is very popular breed, the truth is, they are also a rare breed. These cats began their journey back in 1966 in a place called Roncesvalles Toronto which is an area in the Canadian province. To get these cats to where they are today took a lot of hard work and determination. Yes they do look like that have no hair on their bodies, but the fact is they do have a coat no matter how faint it may be. The Sphynx are covered in vellus hair which is very short, fine, and light in color. This is what makes them appear to be hairless. These energetic cats are also very affectionate, loving and very intelligent. Because they have very fine hair, they like to cuddle up to people and objects that have heat. They also like sleeping under the covers with their owners as well as other pets. Anyways, I did submit a tutorial showing you how I colored this cat, so you should get a good idea on how to color yours. That's all for now guys, have fun and be sure to rate, comment or both.

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