How to Draw a Sophisticated Cat


OKAY! Lets start by drawing an oval. Then, draw a smaller oval overlapping the other one. Draw a line a bit below the middle of the circle, and another one below that line.


Now lets draw some deformed triangles. Start by drawing two ears on top, because, that's where the ears go. I hope you knew that. Now draw the four legs. Aren't they so realistic?


I erased some of the lines on the head, and drew the tail, eyes, nose, and ear-line-thingies.


Ooooh my favorite part! Draw the top hat, monocle, and tie. I also erased the lines, IN CASE YOU DIDN'T NOTICE.


Actually, I lied. This is my favorite part. Finally finishing it. I also drew the mustache in, and little fluffy things on the side of its face, if you want to add that in too. And now you can color it in. Also, sorry for the bad quality. I don't lik   

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February 22, 2012

Description: Okay, yes, I know this is a random tutorial. But in class I was bored so I drew a cat like this, because I love top hats and mustaches and all of those wonderful things. And I also like cats. So then I drew it on GIMP. And since I'm terrible at teaching people to draw things, I tried to teach the easiest thing I could do, which was this. Well, here's the weird tutorial thing. ENJOY if you can.

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