How to Draw an Irish Setter

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Make a circle for the head and then a guideline for the neck.


Next, sketch out the snout of the dog and then draw the nose. You will also need to draw the left side of the face.


Take your time as you draw out the lips of the Setter's face. The bottom jaw should also be drawn in as well but to you and I it looks more like a chin. Don't forget to add the sagging lips.


Now sketch out the top part of the head and then sketch in the long, hairy, floppy ears.


On the left side draw in the left ear and then sketch in the neck, chest and when you do this make sure that the lining is hairy or shaggy or long coated.


You will finish this drawing on an Irish Setter by drawing the eyes and adding the detailing inside the nose. Add the definition on the coat of the dog to create the texture and contouring. Erase your mistakes as well as the guidelines.


That's it, the line art is done. You can color in your Irish Setter any color combination they come in which are; mahogany and a rich chestnut red.

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March 5, 2018

Description: Here is another lesson that is drawn and made because of March 17th which is the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day. I will be showing you how to draw an Irish Setter, step by step. I have not made any lessons on a dog lately and I feel that this one suits the day just fine. Irish Setters are bird hunting dogs and come in an array of colors. The one you see in this tutorial is an Irish Red Setter, they are beautiful dogs that sort of resemble Golden Retrievers. I didn't think I would have fun making this lesson but the end results came out quite well. Anyways, drawing an Irish Setter is going to be both fun and exciting. I will be back later with more lessons so come back around. Adios amigos and happy St. Patrick's Day.

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