How to Draw a Shar Pei

Artist: Dawn / July 24, 2015

Step 1.

We will begin by sketching out the actual shape and structure for your Shar Pei's head. Once that is done draw in the small floppy ears.

Step 2.

We will now work on the face. Now, this breed also has wrinkles, folds and creases on the face so you have to start with the eyes and then draw in the boxy looking muzzle. When that is done draw the nose, and all the wrinkles, crinkles and creases on   

Step 3.

The head and face is done which means we can tackle the body. Sketch in the thick wrinkled neck followed by the first front leg. Take your time as you sketch in all the layers of skin that just fold or fall on top of one another like you see here. Dr   

Step 4.

Draw the other front leg and then sketch in both front paws.

Step 5.

Continue to work on the back part of the dog by drawing the belly, hind leg and back paw. Again, take your time drawing the layers of folded skin.

Step 6.

We will finish our Shar Pei by drawing the other back leg and paw and then sketch in the erect curled tail. When that is all done you can erase your mistakes if you made any.

Step 7.

Here is how your drawing of a Shar Pei looks when you are done. You can choose to color it in any shade you like with a dark muzzle.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Out of all the dog breeds that I have made lessons on I can't believe I never created one on how to draw a Shar Pei, step by step. The Chinese Shar-Pei dog breed are large canines with layers of wrinkled skin. When they are puppies they often look like small bears and come in a variety of coat colors. One of the things that owners of Shar Pei's have to care for are the folds in the dogs skin. They have to be cleaned so no backed up dirt or moisture sticks around. If their skin is not maintained they are pron to skin conditions that can cause the Shar Pei uncomfortable problems. Other than that, they are loyal pets, they are pretty easy to train, and have a good amount of energy. Drawing a Shar Pei may take some time because of all the folds in the skin, but if you love the breed than time is no issue. Have fun folks and watch out for other lessons coming your way.