How to draw an eye that has eye liner

Artist: JasonGrace / August 18, 2013

Step 1.

First, draw the shape of an almond. One end pointed, the other end more rounded. (The rounded side is the side closer to the nose.) On the pointed side add a straight line as seen in the picture. The rounded side a curved line as seen.

Step 2.

Next add the iris. (The colored part around your eye) I do not color it in because later I do something different. Do not Draw the whole iris! Unless you want a surprised look. Make it look like the eye is a little bit closed, like our eyes are. Then   

Step 3.

Then, coming out of the pupil, add lines of different lengths. It is supposed to represent light bouncing off the eye. After you add the lines you can rub over it very lightly with a tissue. And I go over the whole eye with the side of my pencil's le   

Step 4.

Then you simply want to add the top lid's eye lashes. Long and dark for the girls, a little lighter and shorter for the boys. Make the eye lashes almost around the top eyelid but not completely.

Step 5.

Next I add the eye liner.I do not always go around the whole eye sometimes I just go on the top. So if you're doing the whole eye just go around it with a black pencil. If you're just doing the top then take a look at the picture. The bottom eye lash   

Step 6.

Yay! You have completed your eye! Thanks for using this tutorial!

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Artist: JasonGrace
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Description: How to Draw an eye that has Eye Liner.