How to Draw an Easy Wolf

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Ok, like most of my lessons, you have to build a solid foundation for your drawing. By preparing with a frame, you'll be able to get a grip on the anatomy. Create a circle for the head, with additional guidelines to even the facial features. Create a   


Next, let's start shaping up the face! This was my favorite part; considering I love to splurge up different types of styles for cartoonish animals. Begin by drawing the base of the snout. Here you'll need to create an uplifting smile for your easy w   


Then, shape up the circular eyes; this will give a very friendly appearance, also matching the theme of the wolf's body. Create thin eyebrows; don't make them too thick or it will drive away attention from those cute staring eyes! Add a few definite    


Lastly, finish off the body for your canine! A wolf tail is fluffy, so keep yours nice and fluffed! Add a few sketchy lines to define the chest area, also to define the separation between both the forelegs. Keep in mind, by viewing any canine or feli   


Here's the completion of your drawing of an easy wolf! See how easy that was? If you don't like how yours turned out, retry the tutorial; it takes patience and practice to increase your luck in drawings! Thank you for viewing this tutorial and enjoy    

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October 7, 2010

Description: So what are we going to draw today you ask? In this exclusive and unique lesson, I will be showing you “how to draw an easy wolf, step by step”, in the most simplest format. Tips and techniques on how I drew this wolf, can be found in the step text. This was drawn in Paint Tool Sai, a great drawing program I recommend to any artist seeking a simple program. Unlike Photoshop, Sai is much simpler and quickly understandable. Out of the subject, to make a simple wolf, you'll want to focus on the key features from these legendary canines. When you hear the word 'canine', what pops into your head? If you said wolf, then you think the way I do! Just kidding, but this should be a fun lesson for all you beginning artists. Take into consideration to equip yourself with a compass, ruler, paper, a good 2H pencil, eraser, and most of all, your keen imagination! These pieces of ammunition will get you hiked up for a journey of drawing. Go read up on color theory, just so you're aware of the basic theory of colors. Get books on different types of arts, or maybe references, in the artist work, references create a link in your chain. Without having it, you'll have a weak link. To begin, make sure you're well aware of the basic anatomy of a wolf. They have large fluffy faces that puff from the sides, and thin out the more narrow it gets to the snout or ears. The body of wolves are lean; an abundant amount of fur hides their lean look because of the habitat they suffice, which is very cold weather. Overtime, when it gets warm, they will shed and become visibly lean. Keep this in mind when drawing the body of a wolf. Never make a wolf too fat or too skinny. Lots of artists I see on websites like Deviantart, Sheezyart, and Furaffinity, make their wolves very thin, almost hysterical to nature. If you're going for a cartoon look (as I am), keep the basic traits of a wolf. Anyways folks, I have to go now! Thanks so much for viewing this lesson on “how to draw a canine”, I hope you'll like it!

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